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So I don't know if you guys remember it, but I wrote a story a long time ago based off of a USUK roleplay, which was called "Hooray for Roleplay".

It got reported and removed because it was "Explicit Pornography".

I should be mad, because there's far worse work out there than that piece of shit, but... It WAS a piece of shit and dA just saved me the trouble of removing it from my gallery.

It was funny as hell, though, I'll tell you what.
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and there is nothing fun to do
  • Watching: Bones
It was hot.

The end.
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So on the 26th, my family is going to Hawaii for eight days. I may or may not be able to check up during this time, but hey. I haven't been doing much anyway.

Juuuuuust giving a warning.
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I have been on a huge reading kick lately. About a month back, I read all the Hunger Games books. Right now, I'm on the Fallen series and The Looking Glass Wars. I may or may not read Girl with the Dragon Tattoo- the movie looked horrid to me.

So, are there any books you guys can recommend to me? Doesn't matter if it's a series or not. That reminds me, I have yet to finish Harry Potter #6... Damn.


*ahem* So yes, books.
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I figured you guys should be up to date and shit.

I went to the hospital a few days ago to figure out what the hell was going on with my body, because stomach viruses don't usually last more than two or three days, apparently- I've been feeling shitty for about two weeks.
So my doctor asked me some questions and gave me a prescription for a heartburn medicine. Also, I had to see a psycologist. Why? She thought the other cause of my pains were anxiety.
Which makes sense, since I hate going to school and dread every morning I have to go to it.
My psycologist guy was pretty nice and we talked about random shit (School, friends, tumblr, Hunger Games, etc.) and he gave me instructions on how to do a breathing exercise if I ever start panicking.
My mom took this pretty hard, since she thought I loved school, and my dad actually knew, cause I can tell stuff to him easier than my mom. But they're both being very supportive.

It's not really a huge deal, but I like you guys, so I wanted to tell you. On the upside, I've been getting all kinds of story ideas. Maybe I'll have a story up soon~

Okay, off to PokeMemes. I love you guys. :heart:

EDIT: I forgot, my period started yesterday so at school I was like ASJFKDFA:WRFJDS I HATE YOU SO MUCH BODY.
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I've been home sick the past two days and my stomach is a douchebag.
My phone broke, so I can't text my friends and whine to them.
A new semester started, so I'm missing my new classes.
I missed Anime Club.
I have to use the bathroom every fifty seconds.

I hate being sick.
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Taking a few seconds to say Happy Holidays to everyone! I have to go over to my cousin's house for a Christmas party, so I won't be on much today. Anyway, yeah.

Merry Christmas, or whatever you may celebrate!
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The Rules:
1. You must post the rules.
2. Each person must post 5 things about themselves in their journal.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create eleven new questions for the people you tag to answer.
4. You have to choose 11 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
5. Go to their page and tell them you have tagged them.
6. No tag backs.
7. No stuff in the tagging section about "you're tagged if you're reading this". You legitimately have to tag 11 people.

Five things about le me~
1)  I'm super-sensitive and cry easily. Every time I watch HP: Deathly Hallows part 2, Titanic, or even Supernatural, I tear up like a baby. And dad laughs at me for it. :T
2) I love Tobuscus. Watch him now.
3) I'm pretty sure I'm asexual. I don't care about sex, and I don't care who it's with. Odd, considering I watch nothing but gay porn day and night.
4) Right now, I'm severely and irrevocably in love with Elizabeth Middleford from Black Butler.
5) I wish the internet was real SO. BADLY. Only because I want to hang out with the friends I have there, and get away from the idiots I'm stuck with at school.

1. Tea and cake or death?
If I choose death, will William T. Spears collect my soul? Or is the tea and cake made by Sebastian Michaelis? Would I get to eat the tea and cake with Arthur Kirkland? GAH DAMN IT.

2. Are you religious?
I was born and raised Catholic by a Filipino mother. If I say no, I get back-handed.

3. Let's say you woke up one morning only to find that your worst nightmare was reality. What would you do/say?
Scream and shit myself. My worst nightmare is being the last person on Earth.

4. Hey, did you know you remind me of The Babe?
… Yes.

5. If you could be God for one day, what would you do?
Smite Justin Beiber, make Ryan Higa and Toby Turner immortal, and BRING CASTIEL BACK. ;A;

6. Where do you believe you'll end up, Heaven or Hell? Atheists, come with an alternative.
I want to go to Heaven, please. .____. But I bet most yaoi fangirls are going to hell anyway.

7. How do you think the world would've looked if the Internet had never been invented?
A dark and evil place devoid of laughter and emotion, where no one is loved and no one loves. Voldemort has killed Harry and there are no cats.

8. If you like computer games/console games, which game do you think is the best to ever exist?
I personally love Alice: Madness Returns on Xbox. I've never really played it, but it's just beautiful.

9. You wake up one morning and realise that Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw, known from the Zero Punctuation video game reviews ([link] choose one video to watch if you don't already know of him and his style), will follow you around and narrate your life. How long does it take you to snap?
Yahtzee!? Who could ever go insane from that!? I'd be rubbing it in!

10. What sort of superpowers would you like to have? You may pick two, only because I'm being nice.
One, the ability to make fiction reality. Two, the ability to knock common sense into people.

11. If you read webcomics, which one do you like best? Those of you who do not read webcomics, you may pick a normal comic. Or a manga. Whatever. Point is, which one's your favourite?
Hetalia and Black Butler are my current faves.

My Questions:
1. Zombie Apocalypse or trapped in a snowy mountain range: which are you more likely to survive?
2. Do you believe you're anything like your star sign (Aries, Virgo, etc.)?
3. Which series (TV, book, anything) do you hate the most and why?
4. Can you write a letter to your idol?
5. If you could do anything, with anyone, right now, what would it be?
6. What is air?
7. Seen any good movies?
8. Who is your favorite actor?
9. Say you could meet a famous dead person. What would you do with them?
10. What is your favorite type of music?
11. What was the first fandom you ever got into and how?

I dun wanna tag anyone. I don't ever have eleven people. >:P
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So, uh... I want to write a fairytale story. I don't know what couple, if any, but it will be Hetalia. I miss writing Hetalia. ;w;
Any form of fairytale, really.

So if you guys had any suggestions, that'd be great.

Peace off~
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I just wanted to take a minute from stuffing my face to tell you all how happy I am you follow me! ^_^

And for those of you who don't celebrate Thanksgiving... Well, happy 24th. XD
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• [ ] You are loud.
• [ ] You like going to school to see your friends.
• [ ] You've had more than a couple detentions.
• [ ] You always have something to do on the weekends.
• [ ] You like to be the center of attention.
• [x] You get above average grades in school.
• [x] You've been called bossy before.
• [ ] You're a bit of a daredevil / you like an adrenaline rush.
• [ ] You are athletic.
• [ ] You are one of the best players on your team.
• [x] You would do anything for your loved ones.
• [ ] You like the color red.
• [ ] Your favorite class is Transfiguration or DADA.
• [x] You would never break a promise.

• [x] You have many acquaintances, but only a handful of good friends.
• [ ] You get average grades in school.
• [x] You've been called boring before.
• [x] You don't like to brag about your achievements.
• [ ] You value honesty.
• [ ] You don't mind working hard to get what you want.
• [ ] You like the color yellow.
• [ ] You have a job.
• [ ] You are athletic.
• [ ] You are a team player.
• [ ] You are in the middle of the social totem pole.
• [x] You are easily amused.
• [x] You like helping others.
• [ ] Your favorite class is Herbology or Divination.
• [ ] You like the music played on the radio best.

• [x] You get good grades in school.
• [x] You like to read.
• [x] Dumb people annoy you.
• [ ] You are creative.
• [ ] You've been called a know-it-all before.
• [x] You hate cheating.
• [ ] People often want you to help them with homework or projects.
• [x] You are more into the creative arts: theatre, dancing, drawing, etc.
• [ ] You are extremely logical in your way of thinking.
• [x] You are considered shy or quiet by people you don't know.
• [ ] You like the color blue.
• [ ] Your favorite class is A History of Magic, Charms, or Care of Magical Creatures.
• [x] You tend to over analyze things.
• [ ] You can focus and pay attention well.

• [x] You are very competitive.
• [x] You like the finer things in life.
• [ ] You think welfare is a waste.
• [ ] You've made fun of someone in the past week.
• [ ] You've been called a snob before.
• [x] You think the end justifies the means.
• [x] You're not afraid to say something to someone else's face.
• [ ] You tend to think people are a bit jealous of you.
• [ ] You've made someone cry by just saying something to them.
• [x] You tend to root for the villains in movies, books, etc.
• [x] You are very good with words.
• [x] Above all, you want to be successful in life.
• [x] You like the color green.
• [x] You love to win.
• [x] Your favorite class is Potions or DADA.

WOO.  I love how I'm Gryffindor the least. XD
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Okay, I feel waaaaay better now that all that crap is outta me.

So, I'm in a very big Harry Potter mood. I wanna draw, too.


I'm going to draw me and my buddies (and maybe some others, depending on whether or not I get lazy) as Hogwarts students. Just tell me your house and whatever else you think is important. I might even write a fic with us.

My example:

I'm in Slytherin, a half-blood, and I excel in Potions. I spend most of my time reading Potions books. My wand is made of Elm, is eleven inches, and has a core of unicorn tail. I have a pet calico cat, a female named Yuffie. Anything else is the same as my normal self, except I prefer to have grown up as a wizard, so I can study Muggles.  

Okay, okay, send me your info~ I shall DRAW THIS.

Love you guys~ :heart:
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Okay. So.

I hate my school. So. Fucking. Much.

All of these stupid bitches walking around, thinking the're so fucking cool, and I'm sitting here, just wondering WHEN THE HELL CAN I GO TO COLLEGE I HAVE TO GET AWAY FROM THESE IDIOTS.

I've got the anime club, but they barely even WATCH or TALK about anime. We're so freaking disorganised- MEIN GOTT WHAT THE HELL.

I am SURROUNDED by rude, disrepectful MORONS, and on top of that, I don't even have very good teachers! This is a magnet school, for Christ's sake!! DISCIPLINE YOUR FUCKING STUDENTS.

I am BOMBARDED with work, which honestly, I was expecting, but I don't even want to be a lawyer anymore! Why can't I just go to a design school, dammit!! I don't CARE what Plessy and Ferguson's deal was, I don't give a damn about Romans ate in their 'golden age'!


And why, why, WHY am I always in the most obnoxious classes?! Are these kids fucking dense and deaf!? Be quiet means SHUT THE HELL UP.

And you know? That's not all. I feel like such a fucking jackass for complaining so god damn much about life, like some whiny weaboo suffering from attention depravity.

The internet's the only place I can say all this, and honestly, you guys here on dA are the only people besides my family that I don't want to throw into a pit of fire- but not before flinging you in a cage with a sex-deprived France.
This proves I can't get to know real people. ಠ_ಠ

*breathes out*

Fucking HELL I have to sleep.

Love you guys. :heart:
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I know a lot of my buddies aren't as... into it as I am, but damn it, I wanna rp it sooooo baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad...

But I like weird couples, so it might not work. >>

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Characters I may or may not use, depending on how interesting I make their stories (just wanted an excuse to write haha).


Trevor Wayard: A young man obsessed with the human mind. He's a famous exorcist who specializes in nightmares; parents usually hire him to get rid of their child's bad dreams if it's become a big problem. But he asks for a rather unusual form of payment: he asks for stories. Be they true or false, he doesn't care, as long as it's interesting. He'll take care of nightmare depending on how good the story is. Ex. if it was a bad one, he'll only make so the nightmare is invisible- it can still affect you. He's somewhat quiet, but that doesn't mean he doesn't love a good joke every once in a while.

Ethan Ambrose: Trevor's assisstant; he was tricked into the job by Trevor, who thought he was amusing, but now, he doesn't mind. He only cares about the fact that his little brother, Alan got involved as well. Ethan is the one the job requests go to- meaning, he listens for rumours about 'demonic possession' or whathaveyou and reports them to Trevor. He also occasionally  accompanies him on jobs.

Alan Ambrose: Ethan's little brother who also works for Trevor. He's actually Trevor's chosen apprentice- if something were to happen to Trevor, Alan would take over the business. He also has a fondness for stories, but he prefers writing them to listening. Trevor is especially attached to Alan, for reasons unknown. Alan holds somewhat of a grudge against Trevor for tricking Ethan, but over time, he's come to respect him and his line of work, and accepts his own role without hesitation.


Richard Douglas: A private detective who cares more about himself and his own goals than that of the city. As such, he sometimes lets criminals go if they bribe him, but will also capture innocent citizens if a higher-up bribes him. He only does this because he has to take care of his sister, Michelle, whom he cares about more than anything. Though, the arrival of a certain 'newbie' has him questioning his own method.

Lawrence McConnor: An up-and-coming new private eye who has been paired with Richard. He is in love with Michelle and puts up with Richard's belitteling attitude because of that. Even so, he wants to help Richard understand that justice is just as important as family, and he should find a more honorable way of taking care of Michelle.

Michelle Douglas: Richard's little sister who works full-time at a bakery. She's skilled with sweets, but she just can't cook a real meal, which she leaves up to Richard. She's oblivious to Lawrence's obvious crush on her, and doesn't understand why Richard dislikes him so much. She's thinks he's rather sweet. She loves her brother as much as he loves her.


Claire Clarkland: Rhythm guitarist in the all-girl band Death Spectacle. She's a no-nonsense kind of girl, often exasperated by her best friend, Juliet. She writes a lot of the songs as well, and is the back-up singer in case something happens to Ophelia.

Juliet Godfrey: Bassist in Death Spectacle. She started the group and often comes up with crazy ideas to promote it. Despite that, she cares very much about her bandmates and music.

Ophelia Flynn: Singer in D.S. She was blackmailed into the job by Juliet, and as such, doesn't like her. She actually gets along with everybody else. She's trying to learn piano, since she's uncomfortable that she's the only one who can't play an instrument.

Anahita Maybelle: Electric Guitarist in D.S. A sweet, cheerful girl who admires Claire very much, and sees Juliet as 'competition'. She joined the band on her own, and she also helps writes the music.

Lynette Georgeson: Drummer in D.S. She's quiet and surprinsingly, a boy magnet. She doesn't understand the drama associated with relationships, so she's never been in one. Juliet tried to force her to join, but she actually did so by herself.

Death Spectacle: An all-girl rock band- named so because everyone in the group wears glasses. Their style is mainly punk, but pop songs work surprisingly well as well.

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I have only now realized my lack of activity. I've been neglecting my dA buddies. ;w;


Well, I'll try to be more active now. I have a whole kadoodle of drawing (does that make sense? Kadoodle?) that are ALL chibi-style, and some drawings I did in school. Sooo.

Oh yeah, but dad got a new computer (it's a Mac) and I don't know if the scanner works. So MAYBE.


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